Sooooo annoyed about last night. I had a strip show about an hour and a half away from my house and normally I wouldn’t accept a week night job because of my study and stuff but thought fuck it, it’s good money.
Anyway fucking drove out there only to have an organiser waiting to tell me the event has been cancelled. Apparently they were trying to call my agency during the day to cancel but the office is closed on Mondays and the after hours number was only on later in the day due to my boss having a religious holiday and was spending time with family. Anyway basically the girl was like, “I don’t even have your money to give you so….” so all I could do is call my agency and she got onto the other organizer and he was arguing with her saying he shouldn’t have to pay because he was trying to cancel but my boss said even if they cancel on the day their policy is the full payment needs to be made. So my boss said she’s going to follow it up and hopefully get them to pay but otherwise she is just going to pay us some travel money for going out there, which I appreciate because if I hadn’t gone out there my petrol probably would have lasted the rest of the week.
Also it just sucks because I was relying on that couple hundred dollars to pay for some stuff this week and now I have to re-budget. fark.

Guys if you are hosting a bucks show please make sure the buck isn’t soooo fucked I can’t do my show properly.
Giving instructions to a guy who probably doesn’t even know where he is is such a mind fuck. Also the whole time I’m worried he’s gonna barf on me. Plus dancing on someone who is swaying side to side of his chair is not easy.
Also IF a stripper gives you a lollipop to open DO NOT put it straight in your mouth! I can’t fucking use it on my vagina after it’s been in your mouth cos that’s fucking gross, unhygienic and unsafe for me. Seriously common fucking sense boys!

Please please god let these guys be good tonight! I’m soooo tired and don’t have patience to deal with douchebags.

Can someone please tell me when people have time to study, work, exercise, spend time with their partner, family, friends, do their shopping, run errands, pay bills and keep their house/car clean?

Wheres the booty pic? chop chop ;)

Now you’re being demanding so no pic.

I actually have an extremely busy life so don’t have time to take and post pics for free for inpatient people.