Ah ok cause I just tried to add you oops

I didn’t get added by anyone? My snapchat name has nothing to do with my tumblr name or work name

"behind the scenes" photo at boobtique’s photo shoot

Do you have sbapchat for fans?

Nope. Only for personal use. 

Hey does your bf still work away? How's that going?

He does. and fine, he’s down a lot for uni and he comes down every weekend so we still see each other heaps haha The only annoying thing is how much he spends in petrol every week lol

Ok I'll call today if you ain't busy. Hope your feeling better

I got a call today from a private number today, if that was you I said I wouldn’t answer private numbers. 

So doing strip shows can be good for your health!

While rubbing moisturizer on my titties I kept feeling some lumps in my boobs which weren’t always there.
Went to the doctors, yup strange lumps.
An ultrasound reveals I have multiple cysts in my boobs…

Apparently nothing to worry about at the moment and will know more soon but seriously if it was something serious stripping could have saved my life!

Check your boobs ladies! and always consult a doctor if you feel any changes. xx

genuine question I got asked last weekend:

"How do you stop from cuming during your shows?"

Honey. That’s not a problem. Ever.

I got your number but I'm too shy to call you :(

If I know you call me, if I don’t and I don’t have your number saved I won’t answer.